Em (beautifulemily) wrote in knitting,

I finished the blanket yesterday. Fell a little bit behind. Oh well.

The color is a silvery blue color, knit in carons soft (the only yarn I've really knitted with), and it's basket weave, with a seed stitch border, and I casted on 105 stitches.

Boring "looking down on it" shot.

A closer shot of the basket weave, and the seed stitch border.

And a folder up shot.

And since I'm at it (on a knitting spree), I have a question for you all. My boyfriend and I currently do not have a table cloth for our dining room table. It's an old family piece of my boyfriends family, and he wants to protect it, which I'm all about doing, but he has this table protecter on it, and it adds about two inches, so it's pretty uncomfortable to eat off of or write, or do anything. Plus there is no good place to put it when we want to hide it. Soo..my question is, is there any free *easy* knitting patterns out there for table cloths? And if you know of any can you share? :) I tried googling but it's only coming up in patterns for crochet. I'm in no rush to get it done, I just want something to be over that table. lol Thanks for all your help.
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