the revolution will not be carpeted (iolarah) wrote in knitting,
the revolution will not be carpeted

knitting a hat: to starch or not to starch.

Hello, fellow knitters. I have a question, and though I've tried to Google, I'm apparently at a loss to hit the correct search term that'd bring me the answer.

Here's the thing: I want to knit a sunhat with a wide brim. Not the kind of brim that you fold up over your ears, but a wide semi-floppy brim that sits out from your head and shades your eyes. Sort of like this hat, but maybe slightly less wide a brim.

Here's the question: Is there anyone out there who's knitted a hat like this? Did you have to starch it for it to keep some semblance of shape (or some other method), or did you find that by just tweaking your gauge you were able to obtain enough stiffness to keep it from falling onto your face like a bucket hat gone terribly wrong? The yarn I'm thinking of using is a simple worsted-weight crafter's cotton, and I swatched on US 5s (which got me 6sts/8R=1", and a pretty solid looking fabric). I don't need the brim to be so stiff that it won't move in a gale, but it'd be nice if it had enough strength to stay up and off my face.

(Note that I'm making the pattern myself, so there is no guide with suggestions or instructions to refer to.)

Also, I've never starched a knitted item before. Are there any tips or tricks, or brands, that I should be aware of if I do have to go that route?

EDIT: For southern Ontario locals: MacFab at 952 Queen West in Toronto apparently sells millinery supplies! Hurrah!
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