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Finished Object: Somewhat Cowl

Submitted for your consideration: Knit and Tonic's Somewhat Cowl.

Pattern: Knit and Tonic's Somewhat Cowl
Yarn: Seven and a half balls of Knitpick's Andean Silk in Bluebell
Needles: Size 5 29" anonnymous aluminum circs for most of the body, size 5 Clover 36" circs to magic loop the sleeves, and anonnymous aluminum size four dpns for the sleeve ribbing.
Project Started: April 2nd
Project Finished: June 11th (with lots of other projects in between)

Modifications: Nothing intentionally. Lots of like things that just kind of happened as I tried to make a sweater with a nice fit. Notably, the stockinette part of body is knit at 7 rows and 6 stitches per inch - looser than the recommened gauge. I also used size 5 needles for the body and cowl ribbing. Because I'm impatient.

Notes: Andean Silk is great fun to knit with. As soft as it is, I do find it to be a little scratchy around my neck. Additionally, this is definately not a summer sweater. Merino and alpaca is warm, durh. :P I'm also wondering how this yarn holds up over time - does anyone have insights into how it wears?

My yarn choice made following the pattern exactly difficult. So I didn't. I approximately followed the pattern, transfering it to long circs and trying it on several times to assure that it didn't become hugely large or tinily small. I tried to make the cowl and the sleeves shallower, but on this I failed despite not knitting as long as the pattern suggested - I was working by instinct and not by math. I added some decreases in the upper body, and some fraken-decreasing in the arms area.

All in all, I'm relatively happy with it. For being such a monster of gauge it fits surprisingly well. I didn't knit the body as long as the pattern says, nor the cowl. These two alterations were the result of sheer impatience. I was antsy to get finished.

Wendy now offers an update to the Somewhat Cowl with modifications to make it a more form fitting garment - I found those about halfway through this process.


You can click on the images to see them larger.

Finished Somewhat Cowl Finished Somewhat Cowl
The Somewhat Cowl in repose. Standard Magic 8 ball for size reference.
Somewhat Cowl in Action Somewhat Cowl in Action
Note the underarms - they're too long and do not flatter my figure as much as they could.
Somewhat Cowl still in action. Somewhat Cowl still in action.
You can see the bunching from the underarms here.
Close up of the franken underarm area. Close up of the franken underarm area.
I have a couple of increases then a number of swift decreases that creates an unfortunate pucker. I could see that the arm hole was too large when starting the sleeve so I decreased every row for the stockinette area and ended up working the ribbing on 84 stitches.

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