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I am attempting the Entrelac Stole in Interweave's Scarf Style. After starting the first row multiple times, I believe that one is correct, but the second row isn't working. Actually, I think I did get the first part of Tier 1 - the left side triangle. It's the next part, the Tier 1 rectangles where there is clearly a problem. I ended up with a shape that looks more like a "cup"...quite frankly, it looks like a "pouch" on a man's thong (te hee)
anyway, I was wondering, are there any additional instructions that might shed some light on my darkness? I am confident with the stitches and the overall pattern, if I could just get a couple of tiers completed , things would smooth out and I could actually see the pattern progress.
My lovely DIL bought me some beautiful variegated Cherry Tree Hill Velvet Yarn that is committed to this project =)

Any help suggestions links would be *greatly* appreciated - thanks in advance!
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