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Yarn choice for the Maria Debbie Bliss alpaca silk sweater

 I have decided to venture into my first sweater. However, since it is my first, I need some help. The pattern is Maria from the Debbie Bliss alpaca silk book , and I'm thinking of using either Knitpicks' Andean Silk or Karabella Aurora 8. I've done the color choices, but I need help figuring out how to adapt the pattern and opinion on which yarn to use.
    I did gauge swatches; the gauge given in the pattern is 4.5 st/in, and  6.5 rows/in.  My gauge for Aurora 8 is about 4.24 st/in, and 6.34 rows/in.  The gauge I got for the Andean Silk is 4 st/in, and 4.95 rows/in. Looking solely at gauge, the Aurora 8 would be a better choice, right? But, fiber-wise, what would be the best idea? Would a sweater out of Aurora 8, which is 100% merino be too hot, and would it work out to match the intended feel of the sweater, out of alpaca silk, or would it be too different for the pattern? How much do I need to change the pattern with my different gauge? Which yarn do you all think?

Also, is this coherent? I'll try to clarify if needed.
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