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okay...i am looking at this pattern and it seems like the rows don't match the chart, and the rows have the wrong number of stitches, based on what you cast on. i feel like i'm taking crazy pills here, people! the pattern says:

Cast on 97 sts using Shimmer and size 4 needles. work in garter stitch for 18 rows.

next row: K8, work 1 row of Candle Flame Pattern, K8. Continue following Candle Flame Pattern while knitting the first and last stitch of each row to create the border.

Candle Flame Pattern:

Row 1 P6, *K2, ssk, yo, K1, yo, k2tog, k2, P11; repeat from *, end last repeat p6.

now...maybe my math is off, but that doesn't look like 97 stitches to me. by my calculations, the repeat section is 20 stitches, and the K8 and P6 in the beginning and end would equal 28 stitches. both being even numbers makes it impossible to ever get 97, right??

also, i am not all that skilled in reading charts, but it appears to me that the chart doesn't match the pattern. am i right about that?

someone please help me figure out what's what here so i can make this damn thing.
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