Shar (sharmelon) wrote in knitting,

Knitted Wrist Rest for Laptop

Knitted Wrist Rest for Laptop

I made this little wrist rest for when I use my mouse using this pattern. Rather than use cardboard and poly-fil stuffing, I grabbed some scrab fabric I had and sewed a little pillow about the same shape and size as the knitted pillow. I filled the sewn pillow up with organic flax seeds and closed it up, then inserted it into the knit pillow and stitched that up.

Oh, and I used Lily Sugar 'n Cream yarn in a variegated white/pink.. it's thicker than sport-weight yarn, but the finished product still turned out a perfect size for my wrist.

edit: thanks to those that pointed out my twisted knit stitches! i watched a video online and found that i was actually wrapping the yarn over the needle the opposite direction. i've got that fixed now for future projects! :)
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