Tasha (rockstr009) wrote in knitting,

stockinette + 5 rows seed stitch border = curling?

i bought 2 skeins of Inca Organic Cotton off of ebay, for which to make a wrap. no pattern or anything, i'm just kind of making it up. i have a 5 row seed stitch end, plus 5 rows of seed stitch on either side of plain stockinette. my brain (in the beginning) said i made the big bad baby blanket from stitch 'n bitch, and that laid flat, so it should be okay. but then i realized (a little bit in, about 25 rows or so), that it was 1/2 stockinette and 1/2 reverse stockinette with a seed stitch border. i remember reading somewhere that if there are more knits than purls (or vise versa), it will curl. is that true? if so, i might as well think up a different pattern and rip it out now. it's tough to do anything with because it's thick and thin.

any help is appreciated. :)
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