Meranii Chan (cheesy_jesus) wrote in knitting,
Meranii Chan

AAAAH. Okay, I'm kind of scared right now. I just finished a sock that I've been working on FOREVER, ebcause I've been busy with school. So, It's half of an FO I guess. I honestly don't even remember finishing it because it was like, 2 AM. So, since I'm not quite a knitting perfectionist yet, don't mind me if my suggestion to my own problem makes any of you cringe.

I was looking at my sock today, because I like to, and I noticed that near the toe, there's a stitch! It's just like... THERE! I don't know how it got there, or what I did, but it's there. Just sitting there, staring me down waiting for the perfect moment to unravel and make me cry.

So, I'm wondering if I just took yarn, thread it through the stitch and the stitch above it, tied a secure not and weaved the ends through the inside, if that would secure it. Haha... Honestly, this sock is far from perfect, so I don't mind it having it's quirks. I'm just wondering if that would work.

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