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It only took me a week to finish these. I started early on a Friday morning, the weekend of my brother's graduation, so there was lots of time riding in a car to knit. I finished the first sock:

by the end of the weekend, and the second sock got finished by the following Friday, like three weeks ago, and I finally took pictures of the pair this morning.

The yarn I used was a great big ball of Reynold's "Swizzle" sock yarn, and of course the fabulous pattern came courtesy of Grumperina @ MagKnits. The only change I made to the pattern was a substitution of short row heels & toes. I personally think heelflaps are ugly, and short row heels & toes just look more professional.

My main WIP now is Lucky from SnBN. Almost there! Should be done in maybe 2 weeks? But then of course it will take me another three weeks to get around to taking photos. Expect pictures around August then. haha.
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