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Knitting Cthulhu questions of sorts.

Hi, this is my first time posting on this knitting community and have come across a bit of  problem with my knitting or at least with the current project I'm fiddling with.  At the moment I'm knitting quite on a dare a Cthulhu doll (see cut pictures).
As you can see from him he's missing a tail, legs, and of course his little wings.  I've got the legs and tail part down easily enough from just altering what I did to his arms for a leg pattern and just not coiling the pattern for his head into a mollusk shape for the tail.  I'm building a rather unconventional Cthulhu from a picture of a statue of him with a mollusk-shaped head by building off the nautilus "nautie" pattern by Beth Skwareckzi from  Like I said, one of my friends dared me to turn it into Cthulhu because nautie looked like Cthulhu's head upside down.  

Well, I'm still missing how to do wings.  He's about ten inches tall from his squat little bottom to the top of his head for measurement's sake.  I've been trying to figure out how to knit wings but to no avail and wondered if anyone has come across a pattern or has any advice for knitting wings anywhere?  Particularily rather Cthulhu-ish wings?
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