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Circular Knitting Needles - Comparison

As a sock knitter, I am always on the look out for new needles. Pointy is good. Flexible cables are good. The join between cable and needle must be practically imperceptible. When I saw that Knitpicks was offering their own line of needles I had to try some out...

Here is a scan of four different brands needle tips. []

And here is one of the join between needle and cable.
[ ]

I find the cables to be wonderfully flexible and the cat only chased the new purple mini-snakes for a few seconds before growing bored of the newest knit-alien to enter her sphere of influence.

The larger size needle cables have a nice long screw barrel (longer than the ones on my Boye set). The join there is almost invisible. I'll try them out this evening when the temperatures drop below the current 95°. I can try a scan of them too if anyone really needs one, but for now they seem to offer a very secure, smooth join with a remarkably pliable cable.

Would I change anything? I might make the pointy part of the needle, er, rather I guess I mean the taper portion of the needle a bit longer than its 1/2" ... maybe make that 3/4". I'm pleased I decided to try them out.

By the way, was anyone else aware that Addi Turbos (and now Knitpicks) use a different size for their needles? Most needle conversion charts list a US size 2 as 2.75 mm. Addi Tubos' and Knitpicks' size 2s are 3.0 mm. In size 1, most charts have size 1 as 2.25 mm. Addis and Knitpicks size 1s are 2.5 mm (which is a size 1 1/2 on conversion charts.) I know, I know ... Knit to GAUGE, but still, it's something to take into account when fiddling with stitches that are so small to begin with. (Is this FINALLY where I'm forced to move to the metric system like my fourth grade teacher warned me I'd have to some 40+ years ago?)

Mods - please feel free to let me know what I'm doing wrong as far as trying to do an lj cut. (So sorry everyone else for the extra click required. Hey I don't do metric, how on earth can I be expected to be fluent in LJ and HTML?)
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