Mamid (mamid) wrote in knitting,

Squishy, and a problem

Here is squishy. Squishy is good. Squishy is now completely set for me to knit with. All I need to know is what to knit?

DP has a coworker at work who gave him some Phentex band labels with the patterns. Obviously to share with me. But gez. Phentex? I have hated that yarn brand every since I first saw it when I was buying my own as a teen. I know some like it, but it has just gotten worse imo, or my tastes better.

She's been harrassing him with her projects and demanding to know what I make and its gotten to the point where he doesn't really want to talk to her about any of them anymore.

Anyway, I have 99yrds (or so, probably about 101 really) of hand spun alpaca (aka Squishy) in a deep masculine green, that would use about a 4-5mm needle, that I want to, well, yarn snob her with. She bothers him day in and day out at work with what she's making and he's told her that I can spin my own. So I need to show her.

Any ideas on what to make him? Other than a mobius scarf, I have no clue. And he doesn't really like them and the last scarf I made him he rebuffed saying it wasn't his style.
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