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FO: Saturday Market Bag

Pattern: Saturday Market Bag by Jodie Danenberg

Yarn: Lion Brand Kitchen Cotton in Rose

Needles: 10s and 15s.

Pattern Thoughts: This is a -very- fast knit. The pattern was fairly clear, but she didn't indicate whether the smaller set of needles should be straight or circs. I read ahead and chose circ's, but that may trip up the novice knitter.

Modifications: I made the strap extra long so that I could hook it to the back of the bag and make it either a shoulder bag or a back pack.

FO Thoughts: This is possibly my messiest FO ever, and I love it that way. I took to calling it my hobo bag, as that's what it feels like. It expands to hold a TON of stuff, and yet is still very light when not packed to the brim.

To test out its sturdiness, I took it on a day trip to DC. As you can see below, it carried my knitting, sketch parcel, wallet purse, and some other odds and ends without problem. Later on, at my MIL's, she gave me my birthday presents, which were in a garmet box and a smaller box (a wallet). They fit, as well as my son's three shirts. So it expands to become HUGE.

When weighted down, the strap does stretch, so I'd recommend doing the back thing like I did, or making the strap much shorter.

Bag from the back

Bag from the side. OMG LONG!

Bag emptied out, before the birthday gifts.

How I did the clip

I'd highly recommend this pattern. I could have done it in a weekend, had I just sat down and knitted away. Chances are, this might become one of my new favorite things to knit as a gift.
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