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FO-blanket, dino & squid. image heavy

(i've got the pictures in my LJ scrapbook, so if you can't see them, let me know- but i'm 99% sure they're all public)

I'm far more excited about this blanket than i should be, It's my longest UFO ever- I started it in April of 2005 on road trip to visit some friends in DC (who have since moved back home!)

I learned a lot from this blanket. Namely, that knitting is not an inexpensive way to replicate those cute throws i see at target boutique or peir one. also, that knitting blankets is really boring.

It ended up being small, about 45' X 30' but it's the perfect size to throw over my shoulders or on my lap as i waste half my life here on the internet.

I used Katia Florida (i don't know what the orange colorway is, but the blue i think is 205)
on size 10.5 needles. i knit it on a bias to make it more interesting

the color is awful in this picture, i'm not sure why,
but the stitch pattern i used was knit one row then k1p1 the next- every few inches i'd do a couple rows of sockinette, partly because i goofed up early on, partly because i thought it would be interesting.

the back and the front, i liked this stitch combo because both sides look nice. also, the color is best represented in this picture

I also finished a couple little characters. I've decided that knitting critters is my favorite. nearly instant gratification and you end up with something super cute. it's too bad the tiny needles hurt my wrists- but i guess that'll just force some variety into my knitting :)

my need to make a dinosaur was flat out, 100% to blame on this post right here. i immediately went online and bought Jean Greenhowe's Toy Collection.

I ended up using size 2 needles instead of 3's, because i don't like any stuffing to show through. as a result, my dino is a little tiny and wonky, but i love him none-the-less.

the yarn was random stash yarn, red heart or TLC or something.

Stalking dinner or smelling the flowers?

the last critter is a creature of my own creation, although somewhat inspired some FO's i've seen here.
it was an idea i'd had kicking around in my head for a while so i finally gave it a go.

knit on size 7 DPN's- using paton's classic marino and then felted i present to you:

keeping a watchful eye on the seas.

on Nauset Beach, Cape Cod

from Falmouth:

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