Knottie by Nature (knottie) wrote in knitting,
Knottie by Nature

Pattern Databases

Google has failed me--there are simply too many sites with knitting patterns out there.

Here's the thing- I'm stuck home a lot right now, and my wrists can only take so much knitting before I have to pack it in, so I was thinking of turning to my other love, PHP & SQL, to do something knitting related, but I don't want to reinvent the wheel.

Is there a site out there that lets one really sort through patterns, or are they all collections of links? I was thinking of creating a database that would track patterns by type, silhoutte, construction techniques, knitting techniques (intarsia, cables), yarn used, etc. so that if you wanted to you could just query it for women's cardigans that involve intarsia and use worsted yarn.

Is there any interest in that sort of thing? And if there is, is there enough that people would help me populate the database? What kinds of criteria would you like to be able to use to find patterns?

I hope this topic isn't too far afield for this group, I just need input from actual knitters other than myself. I'll delete if asked!

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