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a picture and a plea for one skein of yarn

hi i, like a dumbass, started a project (the anthro. inspired capelet) with yarn i only had 2 skeins of, not knowing how much it was going to take me. i am almost finished, and i don't have enough. i really like this project with this yarn, so it would be nice to finish it, however i can't find anyone who sells it anymore. if anyone either has a skein in the colorway or knows where i might be able to find it, i will be eternally much that if your info results in my getting the skein i need...i will send you a reward!

the yarn is: Gedifra Micro Chic color 3316

and so it isn't just this pathetic is the most recent FO...a ravenclaw scarf. knit with andrean silk from knitpicks.

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