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whee! i've learned cabling (three FO's + a WIP)

it makes me feel so good about myself, to know i can learn new knitting skills :)

i've made knitty's "fetching", a glittery hat, a pair of mittens + the first glove of knitty's "carpathia" -

well, the 'one size' from the pattern turned out to be too big for me, so in the winter i will wear them over a pair of mittens :)

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these are also too big for me - so i will wear a pair of knitty's "voodoo" underneath, which i've made out of the same yarn.

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here's a hat (duh!) - i found the pattern on knittinghelp.com, it's called "bidda's headhugger". i've used some glitter thread along with the yarn.

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and, last but definitely not least, the first glove of knitty's "carpathia" :D thanks to everyone who helped me out with the pattern. still haven't heard from the designer about the gauge, but it turned out great anyhow.

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i'm very proud of myself for having accomplished this - i've never knit any gloves before & i've hardly done any lace. knitting gloves has always been this 'thing' for me - as my mother used to tell me when i was a child, that knitting them would be very hard, i sort of decided that i would make a pair when i grow up. so now i can (soon enough, unless i get serious 'second glove-syndrome') put one more thing off my list of things to accomplish in life :)
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