Katrina Rose Lapointe (resqgrl50) wrote in knitting,
Katrina Rose Lapointe

Okay, I'm offically bound and determined to prove my boyfriend wrong. I'm not exactly sure how we got on the subject, but we talked last night about how when our children grow up he will only allow them to play with fishing lures (yeah, big fanatic). Seeing as this is extremely unsafe and far-fetched, Nautie popped into my head immediately and the first thing I said was "Oh, I'll knit some fishing lures!" and all he could say was "No, I'm sure it's impossible". Anyways, thats what brings me here to ask if anyone has any knowledge of knitting patterns for ANYYYYYYYYTHING fishing related?! You don't even understand how grateful I'd be!!!!! (and my unborn child, too!!)
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