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Hey, Ho! FO! Green Gable

After only the most minor of inconveniences, I have finished Green Gable!


I used two balls of Lion Brand Cotton Ease in Candy Blue, and got gauge with US5 needles. I'm curious to see how this yarn will hold up to washing and wearing; I plan to wear this sweater a lot! The fit is fabulous and it's lightweight and comfortable. The only changes I made were to do a lifted bar increase instead of a knit forward and back increase in the raglan shaping, and I added three rows of ribbing to the bottom of the sweater. I can't remember if the pattern called for it or not, but in the waist shaping I did k2tog with ssk, instead of k2tog twice. I ran into two people while I wore this on Saturday who immediately asked me what modifications I had to do, so I guess there have been some problems with the pattern. (I ran into these people in yarn stores on an interstate yarn crawl, more on that here.) I didn't feel that my problems were large, however, and would recommend this pattern to anyone looking for a cute summer top. It's also a really fast knit.
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