Stacey (karmachica) wrote in knitting,

Incomplete pattern help

Please take a look at this simple dishcloth pattern

I like the design - but the pattern is incomplete - it doesn't detail how to decrease. Since it was posted more than a year ago I wasn't sure about commenting at the site.

Because of the YOs in the center that are crucial to the design - I've attempted double decreases on the edges of rows (with knit rows alternating) but it doesn't have a desirable effect. It's not a sharp pretty angle.

I'm relatively new to knitting - so I wasn't sure if I could drop a stitch at the YO and then just decrease by 1 on each end of the row - or basically use some combination like that. Or knit the other side as a seperate piece and then figure out some way to seamlessly graft them together in the center.

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