ari (ex_acertainf406) wrote in knitting,

small knitting rant

Just looking for some empathy, as now that I think of it...I'm still kind of incensed over what happened.

I'm working at a summer camp, it's about the 4th week in, working with young girls in our cabin. The girls love making those plastic lanyard keychains/bracelets. The other councelors in my cabin like doing the lanyard things too whenever we have a spare moment. I tried that for a bit, but found I couldn't stray from my knitting. For me, knitting is just so much more relaxing.

During training week, I'd suggested to one of the councelors in my cabin to try knitting, I offered to teach it; and she had said she might like to try it. I mentioned it again yesterday (as she was on her way to the art room that has buckets of acrylic yarn), she hesitated, then wrinkled her nose- and her roomie piped in that "she's too girly to do that stuff, we stick to the lanyard".

Since when is a girl too girly just because she knits?, and what is wrong with being a little girly and trying somethign new? I know knitting is not for everyone, and not everyone can share in the joy of knitting we have, but to appear positive about it at the beginning and then shoot me down with a comment like that really hurt. I can't stand that kind of so called "feminism". If it is by definition a craft, in some people's eyes, a "woman's work"...there is no valid reason why it should be rejected so quickly by some women (and men alike). The variety of things you can make with those two needles and a bit of string never ceases to amaze me.

I know this kind of post is done every once in a while...but share your stories too, if you'd like. (If this post is not alright, I'll take it down, just let me know.)
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