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I have finished Winter Wonderland from The Alpaca Yarn Company. With the support of the company, I am donating the shawl to a fundraiser for the local health clinic for serving patients in need.

Pattern: The Alpaca Company's Winter Wonderland shawl

Yarn: Glimmer Alpaca for the snowflakes and binding and Suri for the background. Both in cream

Needles: Bamboo US 7 dpns. This pattern required 7 total needles to work the background of the snowflakes.

Pattern thoughts: This was a difficult pattern for me to follow. It did introduce me to some new knitting concepts which was the major source of my frustration. I always figure that I have been knitting so long that every pattern should make sense immediately. I needed the stitch count at the end of each repeat of each row. I was glad that the designer had included this information

Concepts: Motif knitting and handling 7 needles at once. Each snowflake was knitted and blocked. Then the background stitches were picked up and worked in the round on all six sides. After the motif's background was complete, all stitches were held live on a holding string until all 13 snowflake motifs were completed. Then the live stitches were grafted together. Finally the border was worked around the outside live 780 stitches.

Modifications: I did find a couple of places in the pattern where I believed a K2tog was in order instead of a K2. I went by my instincts and ended up with 26 live stitches on each side of each of the snowflake motifs.

Comments: The project took me about 115 hours to complete. Elapsed time was approximately 6 weeks. The company was very gracious to give their consent for donation and their yarn is fabulous.

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