damebecca (damebecca) wrote in knitting,

How to choose a cast-on?

I have a specific question and a general question....

I am making my second pair of Fetching and I am not liking the way that the cast on edge looks. My first pair was in a much stiffer yarn and the edge stayed in place. This time, I am using the Cashmerino and the edge is flaring out. I tried a knitted cast on and that was waaay too loose, so I switched to a long-tail cast on. Does anyone have any recommendations for an alternative cast on?

Now, for future reference, is there a guide or something that tells you what kinds of cast on techniques work for what? I am always frustrated when a pattern doesn't specify what kind of cast on to use because they all produce such different results. I have a general idea of which ones are looser than others, but beyond that, I am lost.
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