fiddlergirl (fiddlergirl) wrote in knitting,

"Basic Black Bag" from Folk Bags

Has anyone knit "Your Basic Black Bag" from Vicki Square's book Folk Bags? I'm about to knit a small bag with a skein of pretty variagated blue Magallanes wool (yay walking into LYS for needles and discovering a 40%-off sale!), and I want to base the strap off of this pattern. (It's basically a longish loop of knitted fabric, fed through two smaller loops that are attached to the top of the bag. This makes the strap adjustable - let part of it lie flat against the top of the bag for a long strap, or double it up for a shorter strap. I might not be explaining this well...)

I'm worried that, because of the way it's constructed, the loops that the strap is fed through might make the bag hard to open very widely. If I'm reading the pattern correctly, the loops are extensions of the front of the bag that are doubled over and "caught" in between the back of the bag and the flap. This seems to me like it would make it hard to pull the flap back fully and open the bag enough to get, say, a hand in there to rummage around. I'm afriad it will make the top of the bag too...closed.

So - if you've knit this bag, have you had this problem? Or is it a relatively easy bag to get into?

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