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Fortune depends on the tone of your voice

LibraryThing knitters - online knitting library resource?

For those who currently use LibraryThing (or can be tempted into signing up), there's an offer of a free group account (new feature!) going if we can get enough users interested in joining it on day 1.

The idea is that those who already have knitting books listed within their library can join the group, add any titles to the group library that they wish to virtually 'share' (as in "I have a copy of this, I can give you a review/look up the yarn on page 64 if you've lent your copy out/bitch agree with you about the fugly therein", not "I will lend you this book" or any kind of copyright infringement!), and there will be scope for discussion of individual titles, adding links to errata pages, that kind of thing. Does that sound like something any of you would be interested in doing?

I'm BoPeep on LT if anyone wants to message me there, and I can keep track of interested parties through comments here if you give me your LT name - we don't yet know when Tim plans to implement this or how many members he wants to try it out with, but there was mention of 'reaching critical mass' so there's probably some kind of minimum.

Edit: Message from LibraryThing
Okay, Bopeep, you're on. I was looking first for groups that would use the forum capability, which you guys probably don't need if you have here, but the number of people coming from this group to LibraryThing is REALLY impressive. You guys are a pilot group.

Here's the deal:

Free year's membership to any member who hits 50 books cataloged
[these don't have to all be knitting books AFAIK]. Members should email me their LJ and LT user names.

I'll send you the group URL as soon as it's ready (Monday?). I think you'll have groups for a day before they go live--maybe more. Anyway, when I announce groups I will point to you.

Looking forward to seeing your books!


timspalding at librarything dot com
He's on LJ as librarythingtim incidentally. Can I also point you to librarything, library_thing, and thingology if you don't already know about it?
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