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Yarn sub for pattern - ideas?

The latest issue of Vogue Knitting is out, and there's a project I'm absolutely in l-o-v-e with on page 76, a cutaway cropped jacket. (As an aside, this issue also has a lot of really great sock projects and a couple spins on English-style fashion knitting, both of which have interested me in the past.) Anyway, the yarn they used is Muench's "Touch Me", and it calls for 16 balls of it for a size medium. The cheapest I've found that yarn is $14.95/ball, which is a staggering $239.20 for materials. Uhm, not in this lifetime. It's the principal of the thing.

Muench's "Touch Me" is a rayon-wool blend chenille in weight catagory 4, worsted/heavy worsted. The chenille design is what makes this jacket "pop" with the texture and shine, so I don't want to sub out to something flat. The cheapy weight catagory 4 chenille from, say, Michael's sheds like there's no tomorrow. Anyone have ideas?
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