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Sock frustration

So I'm making Baudelaire, and this project has been a real headache. I'm using Fleece Artist in the "Rain Forest" colorway, working both socks toe-up simultaneously from both ends of the skein to use up all the yarn without running out prematurely on the second sock, and the only thing stopping me from just binding off now and calling the project done is knowing that I have nothing I particularly care to make from the yarn that would be leftover at this point...

For starters, that's not a weird flash thing washing out the color in part of the picture -- one end of the skein was much paler than the rest, and once this pair is off the needles I expect I'll be soaking the dark one in woolwash in the hopes of fading it a bit to better match the other.

Note the increases I added to the ribbing at the calf -- you can see them on the paler sock, it being rearside up in the photo. This aggravates me A) because I wasn't wanting these socks to wind up that tall, B) because they'd fit better if I'd started the increases sooner, and C) because I wanted no more than an inch or so of ribbing, but drastically overestimated the amount of yarn used per row and underestimated the amount I had left. (And I've still got a lot left -- methinks these'll wind up kneesocks.)

At this point I'm dithering between A) continuing with the ribbing until I run low enough on the yarn to bind off and be glad this project is done, B) binding off right here and now and resigning myself to wasting the central portion of the yarn (which is enough for several inches of sock cuff but not for many other projects), or C) ripping back to the start of the ribbing and continuing in the pattern (with increases up the back line of the sock starting further down the leg) until I really do have enough left for about an inch of ribbing. Mind you, going with option A doesn't eliminate the possibility of me unpicking the bindoff and doing option C later on if the finished socks really bother me that much.

Right now I think the best thing for me to do would be to put the blasted things aside for a couple of weeks while I try to finish the Faroese peaks shawl I'm making my grandmother for Xmas, and make a decision when I'm less aggravated by the project I'd hoped to finish this weekend just past...
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