Borders on Obsession (bigballofyarn) wrote in knitting,
Borders on Obsession

THREE completed projects!

I finally got down to business and finished some stuff this weekend!

I've been having disagreements with this tank, and, after having to rip out my cast off and add to the top, I finished it last week and wove in the ends on Friday. It's the Lengthways and Crossways Ribbed Sweater from Rebecca Magazine issue 25. I used 1.5 balls of Sirdar Breeze, which is a dk weight, cotton/acrylic blend. Like most cotton, this yarn was unforgiving, and before blocking the tank looked like hell. It's fairly soft, though, and not terrible to knit. Two views!

From the front

From the side
Despite the problems I had with this tank (mostly my own impatience), I think I will probably make another one day. I love the neckline!

On Saturday, I didn't feel like finishing my sock, and I didn't really want to get involved in a new project, so I made a dish cloth. I've been seeing so many of them on this group, I found myself gravitating toward the kitchen cotton the next time I was in Wal*Mart. What I love about dish cloths is that you can use the most obnoxiously loud colors, and it doesn't matter if they don't go with your coloring or personal style. Socks, I think, count for this somewhat, too.

dish cloth

It's the Mock-Woven Tea Towel by Bonnie Evans. I actually found this pattern on a site with tons of different dish cloth patterns, but I can't find it now. I used pretty much one entire ball of Sugar and Cream, and US7 needles.

On Sunday, there was nothing for me to do but knit the damn toe already on my Jaywalker!


I wasn't really interested in this pattern until I saw Amelia Raitte's version using Opal Rainforest Collection in Zebra, and realized that it would be the perfect pattern to show off my Opal Rainforest in Tiger! Sure enough, I think the zig-zagging really added something to the striping of the yarn. I used US1 needles. The only modifications I made were to substitute the kfb for lifted bar increases, and short row heels and toes. These are the most comfortable socks I own! They fit my feet so perfectly, I will certainly make this pattern again.

Whew! That was my most productive weekend in ages! Now if I can just keep it up... I have a few plans for Christmas and fall birthdays.
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