heartsarts (heartsarts) wrote in knitting,

Fetching Question


I'm almost done with a "fetching" (from the new Knitty) and I keep thinking, wow, this looks pretty big! I went to my LYS to see if I was doing something wrong, I was using a great deal of yarn & the glove is rather large. She re-measured my gauge & checked my stitches, all is well on my part. I'm using the recommended yarn (Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran) & the recommended needles (size 6). The owner of the shop suggested I email the designer to ask some questions, my circumference is 9 inches, not 7!!! I've been trying to email her all day, but it says it's not a valid email address & won't let me send it.

I've seen other posts with questions regarding the pattern, but no one mentioning the email address not working or the circumference being incorrect. I was thinking that I'd just frog & reknit but casting on ten stitches less.

Any thoughts? I know the pattern works, I've seen a lot of finished pairs, but most using different yarn and different needles!

:D Thank you!
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