Abigail (crayolaab) wrote in knitting,

Manos del Uruguay Musings (Sweater? Felting?)

I have four skeins of Manos del Uruguay, two solid and two variegated, which coordinate with each other. I am not sure what to make. I do not want to make a scarf or a hat. I am not sure I want to felt it (It's so pretty, I'd almost hate to!). I am happy to buy more, but am not sure how well it would match, dye-lot-wise. I'm thinking about making a jumper for myself (women's medium-ish), but might *consider* a felted cat bed or some pillows.

After searching Google extensively, I have found felted cat beds, felted hats, regular hats, mittens, scarves, socks, boobholder-style-"shrugs" (I'm not sure what that is called - a bolero, perhaps?), capelets, etc. What I have not found are full sweaters made of Manos. Is there a reason for this? Are they just Too Warm to be practical? Is a sweater's worth of Manos bank-breaking for many people?

Also, I am very curious about how Manos felts. I have seen several images online and one felted hat at my LYS (here is one, although it's not the clearest picture), and it seems to felt in a strange way. It doesn't end up smooth, thick and sturdy like Cascade 220 or Noro Kureyon but rather seems to get kind of nubbly and it *almost* looks hole-y. Now, the examples I have seen have indeed lost all stitch definition and are very well felted but it just doesn't have that same smooth fabric feel that C220 does. Is this because of the ply/spin/twist (sorry, I'm not very clear on terminology here) of the yarn? Does it adversely affect the sturdiness of the fabric?

Thanks in advance for any thoughts on this!
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