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Pattern for my Pointy Ribbed Pixie Helmet Hat

Pointy Ribbed Pixie Helmet Hat

My inspiration for this cutie hat was a baby knitting pamphlet dated 1941. It had directions for a ribbed helmet hat for babies, but who says cute helmet hats are only for little ones (and who would want to knit something at 7 stitches an inch)?!! I developed this pattern to fit an adult’s head, but it could fit older kids too. The ribs in this hat make it wonderfully stretchy and able to fit sizes from wee noggin to gargantuan cranium.

Size: Adult

Yarn: worsted weight
Needles: one pair of 14 inch needles in size to give you the gauge below
Gauge: 4.5 stitches = 1” in stocking stitch

Cast on 90 sts. Work in ribbing on K2, P2, for 4 rows.

Row 5: K6, ribbing to the last 6 sts, K6.
Row 6: P6, ribbing to the last 6 sts, P6.
Row 7: same as row 5
Row 8: K8, ribbing to the last 8 sts, K8.
Row 9: P8, ribbing to the last 8 sts, P8.
Row 10: same as row 8
Row 11: K10, ribbing to the last 10 sts, K10.
Row 12: P10, ribbing to the last 10 sts, P10.
Row 13: same as row 11
Row 14: K12, ribbing to the last 12 sts, K12.
Row 15: P12, ribbing to the last 12 sts, P12.
Row 16: same as row 14
Row 17: K14, ribbing to the last 14 sts, K14.
Row 18: P14, ribbing to the last 14 sts, P14.
Row 19: same as row 17

Continue in the this way to work 2 sts more in the crosswise ridges (at beginning and end) and 2 sts less in the vertical ribs at center, every 3 rows, until only the center vertical rib of K2 remains. K1 row plain and break off yarn, leaving at least an 18” end to sew with. Place 45 sts on each of the 2 needles,

beginning at center and working from the right side of the last row, weave all the sts together. This is the center back. (Or if you are intimidated by weaving, bind off the last row and sew back together.)

You can add finishing details as you wish. I added a chin strap by picking up 5 sts along the left ear-flap and continuing in garter stitch for 5”. Next row – (buttonhole row), K2, yarn over, K2tog, K1. Work 4 more rows in garter stitch and bind off. Sew button on other side of hat to correspond.

I also decided that I wanted a neckband, which I crocheted by picking up 1 stitch for every knitted rib along the neck edge and continuing with 2 rows of single crochet. (This hat doesn’t NEED a neckband, but it certainly makes it look more finished.)

Enjoy the pattern!!!
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