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FO - pair of socks

Hi everyone, I'm new to the group. Dutch, beginner and without a SnB group (but two books and internet) nearby so...a solitair.

And I did manage to create something with my modest skills, a pair of socks for my father. First one turned out nicely, including first ever turned heel...but the second...I mucked. Luckily he doesnt mind too much and wares them anyway.

The first sock during creation and yes that is my fathers foot. I dont use circluars, I prefer dpn, but it fit him best with the circular.

The the pretty and ugly...i know its the second sock thats mucked. I think i increased instead of what i should have done.

My three month old Kitten testrunning the socks and waiting for his blanky.

This sock you see has some tragidy to it. I got a bag with knitting things from the friend of an aunt, the day it was given, five years ago...she passed away. So it had some emotional charge. I found several unfinished projects, including this sock. It has very fine Yarn and takes awhile to knit. I'm conscidering to hand this pair back to the widower.As you see i made a start with the cuff. Basically using the first as comparison and counting stitches.

Hope you like it.

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