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More re-enactment projects...

Now that I have the pattern set for my 16th century Gunnister-modeled stockings (and they're turning out very nicely, and the Dale Hauk is very nice to work with--pics will come when I get my digital camera today!), I am looking for my next project...I would like to knit a hooded cloak for my historical re-enactment costume. We do events in October, and in Minnesota, October is not necessarily the nicest month (in fact, they are talking snow this next weekend, and we are camping out for another show, and a rendezvous the next weekend as well). I realize this is going to be a long-term and probably expensive project, considering the size. However, considering that my historical character is from a sheep-raising family in the Highlands of Scotland, a knit garment would be more in character than a fabric one. (I would also sew a lining into it, maybe of a Thinsulate type material, or a fleece.) So far all I've found are waist-length cloaks, and I'm looking for something ankle-length. A search on the 'Net turned up nothing, but maybe I'm not digging deep enough? Or is it possible that I may have to design my own, kind of like I'm doing my stockings?

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