Psyche The Sane (psychethesane) wrote in knitting,
Psyche The Sane

Repair of a hand-knitted garment?

This is a question for people more experienced in the repair of hand-knit items. I have a beautiful hand-knit Irish Aran sweater originally purchased over 10 years ago in Ireland. As a knitter, I appreciate the garment way more now than I did when I first acquired it then as a teen. As I was admiring some of the stitching today, I noticed that there are a few spots where seams are starting to look a little loose, and one or two places, particularly at the seams, where the yarn appears to be fraying or broken entirely. Naturally, I am concerned about these breaks or near-breaks causing damage to my sweater. I have cared for the sweater well over the years, so I am not sure what has lead to these breaks in the yarn.
My question, which google has made more difficult by returning many non-helpful links, is whether there is a safe way for me to repair these weak spots, or whether this would even be a sane thing to consider doing on my own. I am concerned that a) I might just make the problem worse and b) I have no idea where to get yarn to match this undyed "oatmeal"-colored sweater. (The closest I could find to it is CA18 at this site.)
Any advice or suggested resources would be appreciated.
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