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Twisted-stitch socks

I've been around here reading and commenting for quite a while now, but I think this may be my first FO post.

Pattern: Based on Eunny's Bayerische socks.
Needles: Size 0 dpn's (for the toe and heel) and Addi Turbo (Magic Loop for the foot and leg)
Yarn: Regia Silk, 2 balls
Notes: These socks were amazingly fun to knit. The stitch pattern looks a lot harder than it is--I had it memorized after the first couple of repeats. I discovered early on, much to my dismay, that there was no way this pattern would fit me as written. I started it toe-up (I won't do socks top down unless there's a really good reason) and quickly discovered that there was no way a 100-stitch sock would fit my tiny feet. I wound up working it over 76 stitches, which is still more than I normally use, but when I got to the ankle I found that 76 stitches in pattern all around would not go over my heel. D'oh. So I wound up just continuing the pattern from the top of the foot up the front leg, and leaving the back in stockinette. I didn't really like the other cable chart that I left out anyway, so I'm exceedingly pleased with how these turned out. The yarn is deliciously soft on my feet and was a dream to knit with.

And now, a question--I've got two more balls of this yarn, in lovely coordinating colors (dark grey and light blue, one of my favorite combos). I'm itching do a bit of Fair Isle, and while I'm not too worried about running out of yarn (my feet are quite small), I'm concerned about how much ease to leave. The last time I tried Fair Isle socks, I was just winging it, and while the foot fit just fine, once I got to the ankle, it was far too tight to go on (hmm, I think I see a pattern here...). So my question is, how much ease do you usually put into a pair of Fair Isle socks to account for the lack of stretch? Do I just need to eliminate the negative ease and work it to my actual foot measurements, or should it actually be larger?

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