Spinners do it with a twist! (woolygrrl) wrote in knitting,
Spinners do it with a twist!

Opinions please?

Hi y'all. I need some opinions, though I will in the end undoubtedly take (d) which is an option as yet to be discovered...

I've modified this pattern by "cardiganizing" it: I'm knitting it flat, on my needles with my yarn at my gauge. My yarn is handspun 3-ply wool which is very mohair-ish but is really wool. I'm at a decision point now in that I need to choose to

(a) continue up the yoke in the original color


(b) stop knitting, spin different wool, which is a blinding white kitchen sink blend of every white wool (plus a little mohair, and a little cashgora, and a little cashmere) I had in the house when I sent stuff off for processing earlier this year. It will have a VERY different character from the original gray wool above because it spins more smoothly and produces an essentially worsted yarn from a carded roving.


(c) stop knitting, spin a natural white (creamy versus blinding) 50/50 wool/silk blend. Again, it will have a very smooth finish and will have that nice silk sparkle.

(d) TBD

Comments and opinions solicited.  Thanks :D
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