Lady Diana (ladydiana) wrote in knitting,
Lady Diana

Taste of Aran afghan

Has anyone made Janet Szabo's "Taste of Aran" afghan? And/or know roughly how much yarn it calls for *per block*?

Also, after *careful* observation of the afghan (which I still like), I note it doesn't have what I personally would consider "traditional cables" and I'd like to add those onto the afghan. Assuming I buy the pattern, is there a good way to do that? (I don't know the names of the cables, but I think mainly rope and horseshoe, which i could probably in a pinch work a rope on one side, a horsehoe in the middle and a rope on the other side, all in the same block). I have done cables in swatches and the like (well, and the DNA scarf) so I'm pefectly comfortable with the concept, but I've never just really gone out on a whim and decided "hey, I'm going to make my own 12"x12" block of this cable pattern out of the blue".

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