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Stupid fracking mittens, Part 2!

I finished the stupid fracking mittens!!

As I posted last week, I was having a heck of a time with the black mittens I was knitting my brother for Christmas. I was doing them in seed stitch and with a cable -- and with black yarn. Needless to say, it was very slow going and the black color completely obscured the stitch and cable patterns!

You guys rock. All of the replies I got were very supportive. I first decided to say "heck with it!" and bought him a gift card. Then, once that stress was relieved, I decided to listen to all of your comments and went back at the mittens again, this time in stockinette. They were an utter breeze. :)

Yarn:Plymouth Yarn's Galway - Black #09, 2 skeins. (However, I had a massive amount left over.)
Pattern: My own but with some help with increases and decreases from Vogue Knitting Accessorize Men's cabled mittens.
Stitch per inch: 7
Needles used: US Size 4
Size: 13" length x 4" width in the hand. (My brother is 6'7" -- his hands are huge.)

What I learned: Okay, I learned a huge amount of things with this mitten. First off, once again, I need to pay attention to whether or not the yarn fits the pattern. I also re-learned that seed stitch takes a long, long time. This was also the first object that I knit by first knitting a gauge swatch and used math to figure out the dimensions. It turned out to be a lot easier than I expected. :)

Again, many many thanks to knitting -- you guys completely rock. I couldn't have done this without you. I am also going to use the gift card on myself. Muahaha. :)
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