The Perfectionist with Too Many Goals... (asyrol) wrote in knitting,
The Perfectionist with Too Many Goals...

Cast-on Number for child's blanket

So one of the managers where I work has a very sick son - as in has a genetic condition where he'll die in a few years sick. As childfree and heartless as I am, I offered to knit him a blanket for Christmas. I'm wondering if I should have opened up my big mouth.

I've got this huge mound of silky slightly fuzzy yarn - I'd say it qualifies as bulky - made out of acrylic/nylon so that they can wash the hell out of it. I've got size 15 circular needles (my mom made me a scarf out of the same yarn using huge needles and the fuzz fills up all of the holes and in general makes a nice supple product).

My question is, how many stitches should I cast on? I don't think I need to make a full sized "adult" afghan, nor do I want to make a teeny tiny baby blanket. Something inbetween would be nice. I've checked out all sorts of patterns but none of them seem to use bulky yarn and size 15 needles. It doesn't have to be a set size, but a rough estimate of how mnay stitches I'd need for a good sized blanket would be nice.

Thanks! My scarf and hat are blocking as we speak! The hat is on a the head of a large stuffed turtle that's been wrapped with towels and secured with pantyhose. Let me tell you it was a giggle-worthy experience!
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