ze_mookie! (ze_mookie) wrote in knitting,

Harry Potter Scarf (COS)

I finally finished my husbands Scarf! This was my first knitting project.   Took me a bit longer than I expected but I learned so much from this.  I do think as I practice, my knitting will get quicker and improve.  I used my phone to take these shots so they are not the clearest. But you get the idea. I have to wash this and trim up the tassels a bit. Have some uneven spots.  But it is done. It felt wonderful to finally give him his scarf and watch him put it on. I really hope he enjoys this and most important keep him warm this winter.


Well...time to start the next project!

Also posted in my personal Journal. Hope that is allowed if not I will delete one of the posts.  :)
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