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FO (Dragon Scale Gauntlets) and WIP

Ta da!

Dragon Scale Gauntlets modeled 2 Dragon Scale Gauntlets modeled 3


Pattern: Dragon Scale Gauntlets

Yarn/Needles: Plymouth Encore D.K., color 425, something under 2 50-g skeins, on size 6 DPNs

Time: Three and a half months (but not much knitting got done for the first few weeks).

Modifications: Cast on four (?) more stitches than the pattern dictated. Nine rows of ribbing at the top rather than six.

Techniques learned: knitting in the round, knitting on DPNs, m1, ssk/k2tog, sewn BO (which I LOVE LOVE LOVE!), following a chart, tinking (I dropped stitches at one point and had to go back twelve rows to fix it...)

Notes: Did I mention that I LOVE the sewn bind-off? So easy (if a bit time-consuming), so good-looking, so stretchy!

The pattern was pretty easy to follow once I figured out a couple of the more confusing directions (thanks to help from folks here!). I thought that working back and forth for one chart repeat to create the thumbhole was a neat trick.

These are so comfortable and warm! My only gripe is that my row gauge changed during the course of the project, so one of them is shorter than the other. But ah well. It gives them character, right? ;) I definitely want to knit these again, only paying more attention to gauge (maybe do both at once?), and using a yarn that will actually show off the stitch pattern better -- it's visible on these, but not really from a distance. (Do people think that a yarn lighter in color would do the trick? Something less fuzzy (this isn't really fuzzy, but the gauntlets are definitely getting a halo)? Something else?)

Thanks to everyone from this community who responded to one or more of my various cries for help. I really appreciate your time and input! :)

All of my pictures relating to this project can be found here.

And aw, heck, just a couple more for good measure:

Dragon Scale GauntletsDragon Scale Gauntlets thumbhole

Of course, I've already cast on for something else -- the Ropes and Ladders Scarf, sans ladders (I didn't like how they looked in my swatch). It's my first time doing cables, and I was blown away by how easy they are!

I am using this yarn:


It is some sort of wool/acrylic blend on a cone. No idea what. I got it from my summer roomate. Whatever it is, it's wonderfully soft, very fun to knit with except that it's a loose single ply so it's kind of splitty/fiber-y. It's probably worsted weight or so on the cone, but when it comes off it poofs up a bit so it's probably one and a half to two times as thick.

Here's how the scarf looked earlier today:

Ropes and Ladders, 12/16/2006

Since that picture was taken, I knitted another repeat. I really hope that the yarn is woolly enough to block well, since the stockinette sections bordering the cable are curling. We'll see...

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Thanks for looking!
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