The Entire Nation of Amberica - Population: Me! (amberica) wrote in knitting,
The Entire Nation of Amberica - Population: Me!

Incredible Custom-Fit Raglan - Are all those Stitch Markers necessary?

I just started on The Incredible, Custom-fit Raglan Sweater last night, and I find myself a bit confused by the initial neck/raglan stitch counts and increases at the very beginning.

At first I thought that my stitches at the two ends (before the first Marker A and after the last Marker A) needed to be increased until they totalled the required stitch-counts for my right-front and left-front stitches, but that seemed to leave me with WAY too many rows and far too many stitches on the needles before I even cast on the front-center stitches. Then I realized that maybe I should have been counting stitches from the front raglan increases instead of from Marker A (I think?), so I frogged and plan to start again this evening.

After googling around and finding blogs of other people who seem to have been confused by this pattern, but no real answers, I find myself asking what is the point of having the Marker A at each end? As per the instructions, I am increasing before and after each Marker B on right-side rows, while also increasing at the very beginning and end of each right-side row, which seems to mean I shouldn't have any reason to pay attention to Marker A at all... or do I?

Am I missing something terribly obvious here? Should I be counting my right-front and left-front stitches from 'Marker A' after all, and not from the front raglan increases like I am planning on doing? Perhaps I was on the right track after all last night...?

I know that several knitters here must have used this pattern at some point - can anyone offer some insight or explanation? Thanks!
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