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FO: Norberta from Knitty

The guy I'm seeing has a son, who loves Dragons. So in a blatant attempt to get on his good side, I made him a baby dragon.

The stats:
Pattern: Norberta from Knitty, Winter 06
Yarn: Knit Picks Crayon [100% Pima Cotton; 128yd/116.5m per 50g skein], #822 Lime; 2 skeins. #605 Orange; 1 skein
Needles: US 6 Denises
Size: Baby Dragon Size!

To start with, this is an easy pattern to follow. My dragon turned out to have a stumpy little tail and snout, compared to the picture. I'm guessing my row gauge was off some. Here he is at work, hanging out with me. Before he had eyes. You can see the stumpy tail and his spines.

I had reknit the back, because my first attempt ended up with a back that was far far too short for the spines. Either I missed some rows, or I was way too tight. I tried to loosen up and pay more attention, and got something closer to what I was going for. I did have to sew the spines on so that the garter rows were more bunched together - unbunched, the spines were way over the 13 inches the pattern called for. I could have taken out a spine, but I think bunching it up makes the spines cuter.

Instead of teeth, I gave him a forked tongue. I also put the eyes in front, rather than on the sides. It's funny - in person, you don't notice all the places the stuffing shows through, but in pictures, they are glaringly obvious. I also poked in the orange tails you can see in the body before giving him away. :)

Tips - leave long, long long tails. You'll have plenty of yarn, and its easier to have tails, even if you don't use them all, when it comes time for sewing up. Use lots of pins to hold everything together as you - for the spine, I actually pinned the spine in place with 4 pins, then sewed.

I hated the yarn I used - Crayon, by knitpicks. It frays. I'd hate to make a sweater out of it - my poor baby dragon was already looking a little beat up by the time he was done. However, he's amazingly cuddly, but I'm sure he'll look pretty worn in no time. I almost wonder if something like CottonTots, which is also a bumpy cotton, but a bit tighter spun, would work better.
Tags: pattern - toy, yarn review - cotton
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