Auna (imindiaunajones) wrote in knitting,

The Gift of Books

I was hoping I might be able to receive some help from some of you!

As we all know, the Christmas holiday is fast approaching! My mother is unfortunate enough to have her birthday the day after Christmas. I've bought her all of her Christmas presents, but I have yet to find her a birthday present. After much deep thinking last night, I decided I would get her a couple of knitting books. She's been eyeing my copy of One Skein by Leigh Radford for quite a while so I'm planning on getting her that, but I also want to get her another one or two. (Note: She already has the book Sensational Knitted Socks)

A little information about my mother's knitting practices: she knits primarily socks, usually for gifts and she buys some really gorgeous yarn too. She's been known to knit other things, but it's always something that people can use and things that are useful.

There are just so many knitting books out there, it's really hard to decide what to get! What are some of your favorite knitting books that would be useful for a sock knitter to have.
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