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Monkey socks - a "WIP" soon to be frogged

Soon after the Winter Knitty was released, I had a cross-country flight, so I cast on for the Monkey socks with my recently acquired Koigu KPPPM, which I'd purchased as a gift to myself. Since I was anxious to get started, I didn't actually do a gauge swatch, despite my good intentions -- the rib met the gauge, I was knitting on size 2 DPNs, with just 4 stitches more than the socks I'd just finished, so everything seemed fine. That was my first mistake.

When I was knitting the leg, I realized that the lace pattern seemed too big, but I thought it might be fixable with blocking. I also googled a bit and found that I might run out of yarn before I was able to finish the sock -- which is exactly what happened. So basically, out of curiosity, I knit the socks until I ran out of yarn three repeats from the end. The pattern is fun, interesting enough to knit, and is very pretty.

Here are some pictures of the sock. In the first, it looks fine, but you can't really see the pattern that well because the yarn is dark. In the second, I'm trying to show some of the extra fabric around the heel.

So my question for you knowledgable knitters is what would you do differently? I believe I should probably knit on needles a size or two smaller, do a swatch, and take out one repeat on the leg in order to not run out of yarn.

Since the Monkey pattern doesn't show up all that well in the darker colors, I was wondering if anyone has suggestions for a different pattern that might better show off the yarn. What would be better suited to two skeins of beautiful Koigu KPPM in 446 Marine Royal? (It doesn't even have to be socks!) Thank you so much for your help.
Tags: socks, what to do with this yarn?
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