person (lotsofbluestuff) wrote in knitting,

Another newbie question- Stretching ribbing with mostly synthetic yarn?

Thanks to everyone for the advice on the suede yarn. I gave up on using it for now and have since made a few scarves have a hat in progress.

I'm knitting my mom a scarf in a bulky yarn that is 80% acrylic and 20% wool. I chose this because I chose a cream color, and I want it to be easy care in case of dirt or stains. It doesn't really get that cold here anyway, and wool might be too much for our weather.

Anyway, I've knit a good chunk of it, but I've decided that it's too narrow. I really don't want to start again since I'm running out of time, but I was wondering if I did try to get it wet and then pin it stretched out a bit to dry, if it would actually dry stretched and stay that way. Again, the yarn is only 20% wool. I don't need to stretch it a ton, just a bit to make it slightly less skinny.

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