Tyarnosaurus Rex (redmelde) wrote in knitting,
Tyarnosaurus Rex

Feather and Fan Lace headscarf

Knitted as a Christmas gift for my grandmother,

Granny's Headscarf WIP

Pattern: A very abbreviated version of Sarah Bradberry's Feather and Fan Comfort Shawl.
Yarn: One ball of Rowan Tapestry in Moorland (color 175). Tapestry is a DK weigh blend of 70/30 wool/soysilk.
Needles: 29 inch US4 Clover bamboo circs
Items of Knitterly Interest: This was my first shawl-type garment and my first real foray into lace (other than some eyelet dishcloths and some YO rows thrown into things for interest). I found it really difficult to keep my place in all the rows until I figured out the scheme for the pattern (increase until side panel = 3x, purl a row, then work pattern) and added stitch markers to help me keep my place. After I did that, I was able to knit along without even looking at the pattern.

To ensure that the bound off edge would be just as stretchy as the rest of the piece, I used Elizabeth Zimmermann's sewn bind off, and it worked wonderfully well. It was easy to do, but I made a mistake in the beginning and it was a royal pain in the ass to pick out the few inches I'd finished before I noticed my screw up. It produced a very neat, stretchy edge, and I like that the edge came out all one color in the striping, rather than being half taupe and half dark blue or something.

This was also my first experience with pinned blocking. I have to say, it was both more and less fiddly than I had anticipated. I had no trouble getting everything pinned out, but getting it pinned symmetrically and satisfactorily was another matter entirely.

Headscarf blocking
I repinned after this photo to fix the small wiggle at the top of the central YO column.
...and just never-you-mind about that extra YO hole I just spotted on the left side.

Full completed heascarf

Headscarf as neckscarf Granny's headscarf

As you can see, it works nicely as a headcovering, but is big enough to wear as a neckscarf (perhaps more efficently arranged than I have done here) or a small shoulder-warming shawl. I probably wouldn't wear it as it's a bit too peasant babushka/1950s glamour queen/Little House cleaning day for me, but my fair skinned, white haired granny will look beautiful in it.

I have to say, I'm very pleased with the way this turned out, and would definitely knit this pattern again. I might even start a full-size version to use up ends and bits of yarn here and there.
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