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FO: Rogue (cardigan, short row, and ponytail opening mods)

This is the first sweater I have made for myself and the second sweater I have made at all, and I am THRILLED to have it done! I don't know when I began the actual knitting, but some LJ search has revealed that I bought the yarn on January 6, 2005 and was in progress soon after, so this has been just shy of a 2-year sweater.

Pattern is Rogue, made with Reynolds Candide yarn in color #10, "Green Heather." I did the cardigan modification found on the pattern page as well as two slight modifications of my own: a few short rows on the front for bust shaping, and a slight hood change that created a ponytail opening! It's a bit higher than I normally keep my ponytails, but it still works and creates a cute effect. I still have the option of sewing it closed if it turns out I never use it and it just makes my head cold. ;)

The below pictures were all taken with my cell phone camera (I'm at my mom's house for the holidays and no one has a "real" camera here), so please excuse the fuzziness. If you want to browse the pictures one by one rather than loading them all, start here in my gallery and use the little arrows to navigate to the right. If you don't mind loading them all on one page... ...look right here!

Full front view:

Side cables and kangaroo pocket:

Arm cables and some zipper:

Throat and hood cables:

Different throat details:

Ponytail opening:

When ponytail is let loose:

Full front view of loose hair and unzipped cardigan:
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