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Admin: The Subject of Baby Items

From the beginning of time, baby items have been very popular projects for knitters. As members of the knitting community, we read several posts each week inquiring about suitable yarns and patterns for baby items (ie: "What kind of yarn can I use for baby items?" or "Does anyone know about any patterns for babies?") and frankly, some members are getting sick of reading the same questions over and over and over again. We are not banning the discussion of knitting baby items but we are gently encouraging people to do their own research, whether it is using Google or LJ Seek, talking to other knitters in your life or referring to books, before posting a question to the knitting community about knitting baby items.

Although it is impossible to catalog all the choices for yarn and patterns for knitting baby items, here are a few resources you can use to jumpstart your planning process. Please feel free to add your two cents in the comments.

Baby Patterns

Knitting Pattern Central's Baby Page
Knitty Kidwear Archive
Magknit's Archive
Monkeysuits: Sweaters and More to Knit for Kids by Sharon Turner
Mason-Dixon Knitting by Kay Gardiner, Ann Meador Shayne
Lots of Debbie Bliss Books
Lots of Rowan Books
Lots of Dale of Norway Books

Yarns for Baby Items

I know a lot of knitters will disagree with me but any fiber is suitable for babies. It is only a question of how the parents will maintain the baby items you worked so hard to make. In addition, yarns labeled "Baby Yarn" are not the only yarns suitable for knitting baby items. Here is a list of yarn recommendations make by knitting community members.

Bernat Cottontots
Lion Brand Cotton Ease
Superwash Wool
Dale of Norway Baby Ull yarn
RYC Cashsoft
Rowan Yarns Calmer
Rowan Denim
Tahki Yarns Cotton Classic
Rowan Handknit Cotton
Plymouth Dreambaby
Plymouth Encore
Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece

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